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Quality Blinds

AAA Blind Factory provides quality window treatment service and repair to customers in the Morganton, NC area. Our window treatments include:

Plantation Shutters

Some consider plantation shutters furniture for your window, since they are both decorative and functional. Carefully selected plantation shutters may even increase the value of your home. Attached to the window frames, these shutters are made from different materials including wood, poly, plastic and vinyl.

Mini Blinds

Normally attached to the interior side of the window, mini blinds are designed to provide a certain degree of shade from natural sunlight. Mini blinds – opened with a simple rope, chains or a remote control device – are available in a wide range of sizes and colors, including custom styles and sizes.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds offer rich colors in a variety of unique textures and grains of wood. The look can be elegant and simple or more contemporary to match your modern decor. An alternative to wood blinds is synthetic wood made of a composite material. Whatever you decide, there is sure to be a style to enhance your decor.

Vertical Blinds

You can get either a rich textured look or smooth soft look with vertical blinds. They are easy to clean, close tight and come in a variety of colors to work with any decor. Vertical blinds tend to be a popular choice for offices or professional settings, but can be just as attractive in your home.

Custom Made Draperies

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Custom made is the way to go if you want a style, color or texture that works perfectly for your windows. We come to your home and measure your windows to ensure a perfect fit. Just talk to one of our experts to get started.


Toppers, the fabric at the top of the window, come in a variety of colors and sizes designed to serve as the perfect accent or blend with your window trim color. Toppers can be used alone or with drapes, shades or blinds. Let our experts help you choose the right toppers for your window decor.


Traditionally used to conceal hardware and catch dust, cornices now commonly function as a way to add a finishing touch to your window treatment. We can custom make a cornice designed to provide that unique touch to your window decor. If used correctly, a cornice can serve as a focal point for your room. The fabric used to cover the board can be simple or elegant – or something in between.

Custom Window Treatments

Window blinds are a popular choice to cover or accent your windows. If you can’t find the perfect blinds or shutters, let our experts design something just for you. We can design everything from custom mini blinds and wood blinds to plantation shutters and draperies. Treatments for your windows can be practical and aesthetic, but custom window designs can dramatically change the look of your room even more.

Custom window designs can be the most important element in a room, creating a sense of personal style that truly makes a room yours. Up to 40% of a home’s heat is lost through glass windows, meaning custom window covers are stylish and functional. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Contact one of our window treatment experts today at 828-413-4525.

Custom Made Draperies

Sometimes you can’t find the right draperies to fit your window. Maybe you just can’t find the right fit or the perfect color. If you can’t find draperies that work with your room, for whatever reason, it may be time to consider custom designed draperies. Our experts can help you decide what works best for your room or overall decor. We’ll come to your home and take all the necessary measurements and design draperies just right for your window.

When you can’t find the right draperies for that hard-to-fit window or you just can’t find the right style to work with your decor, let our experts create something that is made especially for you. Custom draperies give you that personal touch that tends to get noticed. Call 828-413-4525 to talk to one of our drapery experts today.

Our window treatment experts offer affordable and stylish options including window blinds and wood blinds from top manufacturers and custom made draperies for your home or office. 

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