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Types of Blinds

A Range Of Beautiful Window Blinds

From plantation shutters to toppers to wood blinds, we have them all!

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At AAA Blind Factory, we appreciate your desire for quality home decor. We offer you a wide selection of functional window blinds that are specific to your needs. Our window coverings come in a variety of materials and colors and can transform any space. We also provide blinds for campers, RVs, and mobile homes. If you wish to see window blind samples for your home, we can bring them to your place. You can inspect them thoroughly and choose the one that you find the best!

Plantation Shutters
Plantation shutters are both decorative and functional. When selected carefully, plantation shutters not only add value to your home but also control light and reduce energy bills. Attached to the window frames, plantation shutters are made of various materials, including wood, poly, plastic, and vinyl.
Mini Blinds
Attached to the interior side of the window, mini blinds are designed to provide a certain degree of shade from natural sunlight. Mini blinds can be opened with a simple rope, chain or a remote control device. At our store, we have mini blinds available in a wide range of sizes and colors. We also provide custom styles on request!
Wood Blinds
We provide wood blinds in a range of colors, textures, and grains of wood. You can go for an elegant and simple wood blind or choose a more contemporary style to match your modern decor. An alternative to wood blinds is synthetic wood made of composite materials. No matter what you choose, wood blinds are sure to enhance your home decor!
Vertical Blinds
Vertical blinds add a rich, textured, and soft look to your home. Vertical blinds are easy to clean and prove to be great in commercial or residential applications. They are one of the least expensive blinds, making them ideal for large window openings. Come to us with your style preferences and needs, and we will provide the perfect blinds for you!
Custom Made Draperies
Have unique draperies in mind for your home decor? Custom made is the way to go if you want complete control on style, color or texture of your drapes. We come to your home and measure your windows to ensure that you get blinds that are a perfect fit. Just talk to one of our experts to get started!
Our toppers come in a variety of colors and sizes, designed to serve as the perfect accent for your window. They blend with your window trim color and add a touch of elegance to it. Toppers can be paired with drapes, shades or blinds for a perfect window dressing. Trust our experts to help you choose the right toppers for your window!
Cornices are commonly used to add a finishing touch to your window decor. We offer customized cornice designs for windows. They not only serve as a focal point for your room but also add to the overall appearance. Whether you want a simple fabric for your cornice or an elaborate one, we can provide them all!

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